About Ray Rolston

Ray Rolston was born in British Guyana, a small country nestled amid the rain forest at the northern tip of South America.  Ray is a graduate of Queens College with a Masters Degree in English.

A naturalist at heart, and growing up in the tropics with bright sunsets and endless summer weather inspired him at an early age. He started painting the surrounding landscapes of his hometown. The many waterfalls and rivers of the area served as the perfect backdrop for his later works.

He has enjoyed many trips to the Amazon region and the coral reefs of the Caribbean, where he has found unbridled inspiration for his painting. This is reflected in his coral scenes and landscapes.

After migrating to new York and doing art shows and exhibiting his work in local galleries, he moved to Florida, the sunshine state, where his love affair with the ocean continues. Ray was the featured artist for the month of August 1995 at 801 Brickel Avenue. This exhibition received excellent reviews. A current resident of Key West, Florida, his originals and prints are very popular and are sold in galleries from Key West to Ft. Lauderdale.